- Fever (over 37.8°C or 100.4°F).
- Cough.
- Sore Throat.
- Muscle or body aches.
- Difficulty breathing.
- Chest pain.
- Loss of taste or smell.
- Headache.
- Chills.

Personal sanitation

- Wash frequently yours hands with water and soap, for over 20 seg.
- Cover your nose and mouth area with your forearm when you cough or sneeze.
- The use of face mask is OBLIGATORY, for the team, visitors and costumers.
- Use the hand sanitizer available in different spots inside the hostel.
- Greets with non-physical contact and maintaining the social distance.

Advise us

If you have symptoms, please contact to Reception Area and one of our team will indicate the procedure.

Download our Covid-19 protocols